Sunday, September 21, 2008

Urban Art Gallery in OJAI!

I love taking the girls on adventures. If Amber asks me to watch the girls during the day, there is a good chance that we will go out on some sort of adventure. We've gone hiking through poison oak on an overgrown road to get to a cave that I vaguely remember from High School. We've gone hiking in the river bottom, to what Sage calls, "Rattle Snake Hike." We've driven up to the little baby waterfall up the 33, just so we can throw rocks. And at the first sign of snow, we drive up to find some white fluffy stuff to eat.

Yesterday Amber had a lunch date with a woman from church, so the girls and I planned another adventure. By the time we were ready to go, (we had to return home for a band aid and tennis shoes), Amber was home from the Emporium and we all headed out on an adventure together.

I took the girls to a secret art gallery that I heard about, with only Sage's Camera to record the images.

While walking around, it was great to hear Sage and Aspen yell, "DAD, THERE'S MORE ART OVER HERE!" They were so excited, and loved the colors. Their favorite picture was one of a penguin.

This is the third "gallery" that I've taken Sage to. If anyone has any tips on any more, let me know.

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