Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Osiris Shoes
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Osiris is a skateboarding footwear company based in Southern California. Started in the late 1990's by avid pro skater/surfer Evan Copeland.

I love my wife part II, III, IV & V

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Reflections on Paul's Whirlwind Journey

In church today, like many others, I was struck by the stories that Paul lived over the past 5 days. What struck me is how many stories we all would have if: 1) We were obedient to Christ, and 2) We did as good of a job following up with contacts as Paul has with those in Israel.
There are many people whom I have come into contact with, only to lose touch and cease communications. I wonder what my stories would look like were I more faithful to new found friends. Hopefully I won't have to wait long to find them out.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

armchair meter maid

"A while back, during the rain storms, I blogged about my fascination with online doplar radars. Well now that the rain has sadly moved on, and has been replaced with triple digit temperatures, I have new fascination: so say good bye to the "armchair meteorologist" and hello to the "armchair meter maid." Through the internet I learned how to read meters, (it's really simple), and now I constantly run out back, notepad and pen in hand, to decipher how many kilowatts we are using. I'll adjust the a/c temperature, make a note on my pad, and check it after an hour to see if usage increased. Then I'll unplug gadgets, make a notation, and check again.
Amber says that being a pool boy is much more sexy than a meter maid. I guess I'm off to check the jacuzzi chemical levels, 'cause jumping into a 96 degree hot tub to cool off might just work today.

BTW: I have learned that at rest my house uses 1 kw an hour, and that with the A/C blasting it uses 5 kw an hour. If a kilowatt is 10 cents an hour, then my A/C only costs 50 cents an hour. That feels like money well spent...hmmm, now about that global warming...

Got poop?

A recent study questioning the value of eating locally has been getting quite a bit of press lately. The study argues that the actual transportation of foot produces very little carbon, and that most of the carbon comes from the actual production of the food. The studies specifically state that by moving away from red meat and dairy products, that one will make a much bigger difference than simply buying locally.
As I drove past the big agriculture field in Ventura between Main st. and Seaward I was thinking about how even vegetarians are dependent on cows, (and their methane), for fertilizer. Just think about the way that it smells at Trader Joe's parking lot.
I'm not certain, but I'm fairly confident that "organic" doesn't necessitate absence of cow manure. Maybe a new category is coming, imagine little stickers on tomatoes at the store that say "no cow manure used." Or, better yet, "no shit." That would be hilarious.

Death on the Beach

I started this post a couple of months ago, (April 10th) but forgot to publish it.

"Today on the beach I saw a dead bird and I thought about how it's going to decay and then become fertilizer and participate in it's role in the ciricle of life. I began to wonder about whether death and decay part of creative order or is it part of grace? Is this what God always intended, or is the death of a living organism returning to the ground part of God's grace, giving death a role towards new life?