Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Professional Photographer

I'm Published!

Check it out here.

Osiris Shoes
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Osiris is a skateboarding footwear company based in Southern California. Started in the late 1990's by avid pro skater/surfer Evan Copeland.


Christine H. said...

Woe Ryan! That's an awesome photo...congrats!!!

So, you don't blog all year and then you blog every day for the past week?????????

I am glad you are enjoying your "lighter" summer.

Gonz Family said...

How cool is Ryan? Hard to measure..! Anyway, this is a great example of following a really fun passion and finding that the "business" or "industry" is just a bunch of people trying to figure it out like you and me. Don't let anyone stop you from pursuing neat stuff - just figure it out and keep asking questions until you are a success! Nice job Ryan.