Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Moofer?

I found out today that I am a "Moofer". One of my favorite monthly, (bathroom) reads is Wired Magazine, and today I read in the column "Jargon Watch" about a new term: Moofing.

Moofing v. Derived from the acronym for mobile, out of office. Moofers abandon the workplace between meetings, taking laptop and BlackBerry to the local Starbucks or anyplace else where they can escape interruption by talkative coworkers.

I remember reading in another Pastor's blog about the importance of stepping outside of the church office to do work in the marketplace. Their church actually opted out of having offices in order to force them into the public square.

I have gotten very comfortable taking my Motorola Q and my laptop, out of the office, allowing me not only to escape interruptions, but more importantly to be a part of the people's lives that I seek to shepherd.

I love that technology allows me to work on research and messages while living in the very world that I seek to impact through my research and messages.