Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bucket List

No, not the movie, haven't seen it, but 10 years ago, (on April 27th, 1998 to be exact), I wrote my bucket list, and I came across it while cleaning out the barn last week. It was fun to see the things that I wanted to do as an 18 year old, the things that I have already accomplished, and the things that don't mean anything to me anymore.

Here's the list of my 18 year old self:

1. See a "green ray" *I haven't seen a green flash yet, but I have seen a mock-mirage flash in Redondo Beach.

2. Visit the Holy Lands
*Yup, twice, and I can't wait to go back.

3. Go bar hopping in Boston
*I could have for Darren's bachelor party, but chose Pismo with Billy instead, (I think I made a good choice).

4. Visit a South Pacific island
*Not yet

5. Learn to play the lead to "Free Bird"
*I've learned part of it.

6. Drive over 200mph
*This one is going to be tough, I might have to sign up for a stock car day at Irwindale or Vegas...still not sure if they'll pass the 200 mph mark though.

7. Get a tattoo
*8 more months...maybe.

8. Get married

9. Have kids

10. Own a lab
*Although I don't claim her often, Jasmine counts.

11. Go duck hunting (with my lab)
*I've shot one bird in my life, cleaning it made me never want to do it again.

12. Learn Hebrew
*I've taken Hebrew, and I have the books to use it as a tool. My Greek is better, and although it would be sweet to take a pill that would make me fluent, I don't see myself ever being a Hebrew scholar.

13. Learn how to be alone
*Definitely! I never would have seen it coming, but having kids helped me learn how to be alone.

14. Learn to play the cello

15. Visit Liverpool
*London, but not Liverpool.

16. Learn how to conduct music
*I could get by.

17. Buy a motorcycle
*Thanks Joanne.

18. Spoil my kid(s)
*I'm working hard at it.

19. Be the opposite of father in "Cats in the Cradle"
*I'm working hard at it. I probably need to get better at my willingness to get dirty though.

20. Learn to Ballroom dance.
*Not yet, but I suppose that Carl could teach me.

21. Go scuba diving
*Sage told me when she's 13 we will go together, (Amber has no desire).

22. Bench press 200 lbs.
*No problem. Amber thought these last three were desperate attempts to put more things on my list, but as a college freshman, these were the things that I thought about...pretty funny to see 'em now.
23. Bench press 250 lbs. *I didn't know it was a goal of mine. I've benched 245.
24. Bench press 300 lbs. *Maybe someday.

So I'm not sure about how my list would change today. Besides the Hebrew thing, and the duck hunting stuff, I'm pretty good with my list. I guess I don't really care about the cello anymore. There's probably a lot more important things that could be on my list than bench pressing 300 lbs, or driving faster than 200mph, but both of those things would still be pretty would a six pack, and custom rims...I've always wanted custom rims. I can't think of many altruistic things right now, that's kind of sad. Should a bucket list be altruistic? Ok...Drive over 200mph, and cure world hunger and eliminate all suffering.


I had a crazy dream the other night, and my apologies to those that have had to hear me retell it.
Sometimes I'll try to tell my dreams to Amber, and sometimes she will try to tell her's to me, and every time, the difficulty of recounting a dream becomes apparent.

How can something that is so vivid and clear to one person, be so uninteresting and confusing to another?

I think that this comic explains the phenomenon that is "dream recounting," pretty well:

(click comic to see full size)


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snow Day in October!

We took the girls to One Way Boardshop's parking lot in Ventura yesterday to watch a snowboard competition.

It definitely got me excited for the upcoming season. Hopefully we will be blessed with LOTS of snow this year.