Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I had a crazy dream the other night, and my apologies to those that have had to hear me retell it.
Sometimes I'll try to tell my dreams to Amber, and sometimes she will try to tell her's to me, and every time, the difficulty of recounting a dream becomes apparent.

How can something that is so vivid and clear to one person, be so uninteresting and confusing to another?

I think that this comic explains the phenomenon that is "dream recounting," pretty well:

(click comic to see full size)



frisky said...

You are quite the artist, Ryan. I know they're stick figures, but you got the point across that you were having a dream about dancing in the streets to Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Good job indeed.

Ryan said...

Definitely not my drawing, but you can click on "credit" at the bottom to see more from the illustrator.

I am glad that the whole "thriller" theme came across though.