Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bucket List

No, not the movie, haven't seen it, but 10 years ago, (on April 27th, 1998 to be exact), I wrote my bucket list, and I came across it while cleaning out the barn last week. It was fun to see the things that I wanted to do as an 18 year old, the things that I have already accomplished, and the things that don't mean anything to me anymore.

Here's the list of my 18 year old self:

1. See a "green ray" *I haven't seen a green flash yet, but I have seen a mock-mirage flash in Redondo Beach.

2. Visit the Holy Lands
*Yup, twice, and I can't wait to go back.

3. Go bar hopping in Boston
*I could have for Darren's bachelor party, but chose Pismo with Billy instead, (I think I made a good choice).

4. Visit a South Pacific island
*Not yet

5. Learn to play the lead to "Free Bird"
*I've learned part of it.

6. Drive over 200mph
*This one is going to be tough, I might have to sign up for a stock car day at Irwindale or Vegas...still not sure if they'll pass the 200 mph mark though.

7. Get a tattoo
*8 more months...maybe.

8. Get married

9. Have kids

10. Own a lab
*Although I don't claim her often, Jasmine counts.

11. Go duck hunting (with my lab)
*I've shot one bird in my life, cleaning it made me never want to do it again.

12. Learn Hebrew
*I've taken Hebrew, and I have the books to use it as a tool. My Greek is better, and although it would be sweet to take a pill that would make me fluent, I don't see myself ever being a Hebrew scholar.

13. Learn how to be alone
*Definitely! I never would have seen it coming, but having kids helped me learn how to be alone.

14. Learn to play the cello

15. Visit Liverpool
*London, but not Liverpool.

16. Learn how to conduct music
*I could get by.

17. Buy a motorcycle
*Thanks Joanne.

18. Spoil my kid(s)
*I'm working hard at it.

19. Be the opposite of father in "Cats in the Cradle"
*I'm working hard at it. I probably need to get better at my willingness to get dirty though.

20. Learn to Ballroom dance.
*Not yet, but I suppose that Carl could teach me.

21. Go scuba diving
*Sage told me when she's 13 we will go together, (Amber has no desire).

22. Bench press 200 lbs.
*No problem. Amber thought these last three were desperate attempts to put more things on my list, but as a college freshman, these were the things that I thought about...pretty funny to see 'em now.
23. Bench press 250 lbs. *I didn't know it was a goal of mine. I've benched 245.
24. Bench press 300 lbs. *Maybe someday.

So I'm not sure about how my list would change today. Besides the Hebrew thing, and the duck hunting stuff, I'm pretty good with my list. I guess I don't really care about the cello anymore. There's probably a lot more important things that could be on my list than bench pressing 300 lbs, or driving faster than 200mph, but both of those things would still be pretty would a six pack, and custom rims...I've always wanted custom rims. I can't think of many altruistic things right now, that's kind of sad. Should a bucket list be altruistic? Ok...Drive over 200mph, and cure world hunger and eliminate all suffering.

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Christine H. said...

I think it's great to have dreams, even if they aren't all "spiritual."