Friday, September 26, 2008

Treating Symptoms

A group of students, (not ones that I knew) were asked, "If you could change one thing at your school, what would you change?"

I was shocked when the first two responses were to eliminate cussing.

A group of adults were asked, "If you had to pick one social injustice in the world to over turn, what would it be?"

I was surprised when several people chose abortion.

I hate abortion. I think that there is a human life in a womb, and that abortion is taking a life.
I believe that we should heed Paul's teaching in Ephesians, and should restrict unwholesome talk, but should use words that are edifying.

HOWEVER, just as I easily pop several Advil to alleviate signs of symptoms that might be pointing to something more serious, I worry that we have gotten so used to Christendom that we would rather police culture, than actually ask what the disease is.

Kids cuss, but their cussing is part of something much bigger, and if all we want to do is white wash their actions, we are missing soemthing.

Women get abortions, but if all we want to do is force someone to keep a kid that they don't want, we lose sight of, the reason they are pregnant, and the reasons that they don't want to keep their child.

Are we willing to just feed the hungry?
Or are we willing to question why they are hungry in the first place?

I think that symptoms can, and should be treated, I just hope that we are seeking to wipe out diseases at the same time.

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