Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Proud Papa

Aspen, (23 months) made me so proud yesterday. After watching Dora with her, she walked over to the TV, and said, "TV off." She then turned off the television, I told her to turn off the 'blue button' too, (which powers the receiver/speakers) and I smiled with contentment as she walked over and completed a task that most of her grandparents couldn't have pulled off.
I initially laughed at myself for getting so excited that my almost two-year old could power on and off our entertainment system, but then I got to be truly proud when after turning off the receiver she told Amber that she wanted to wear her "Jesus Shirt."


mandrews said...

It's about time you update this thing! Aspen is so cute! I would be proud too!

Christine H. said...

Great picture!