Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What is the Kingdom of God (Quiz)

So, after all of this teaching on the Kingdom of God, where do you find yourself? Do you believe that the Kingdom of God is an inner spiritual experience, a counter-system, or maybe Earthly Utopia? Here's a quiz to see where you really stand.

Here's how I scored.
"You scored as Kingdom as a Christianised Society, Christians shouldn't withdraw from the world, but by being present in it they can transform it. The kingdom is not only spiritual, but social, political, and cultural.


ATSmith said...

I am not really into quizzes ... maybe I took too many in college. I like what your answer said ... we shouldn't withdraw but be in the world. Jesus was definitely in the world.

Christine H. said...

I just got around to doing the quiz, and I scored the same as you.