Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Great Resource

Here is another, "What the Heck is Up with All of This Emergent Church Stuff?" resource.
I've told by many that this article that has been extremely helpful.

It is an LA Times Article depicting the "rift" between Chuck Smith Sr, (founder of Calvary Chapel) and his son, Chuck Smith Jr..
In summary, Chuck Smith Jr. was asked to remove the maranatha dove, and the calvary chapel name from his church because some of his teachings were found to differ from that of his fathers.

Most telling however, is the way that Chuck Sr. closes the interview:
He shrugs off the controversy as the result of critics who "get on and blog their ignorance," adding: "If you don't march to their drumbeat, they begin to pick at you, and once you put on that hypercritical mode, you can find plenty of things to criticize."

Reminded of the memo he issued cracking down on his son's views, the father replies, calmly and amiably, that he and his son are just aiming for different audiences, and he doesn't want to alienate the one he has. He says their relationship is stronger than ever, even deepened by the controversy.

"I don't feel that he's an apostate at all. If he would begin to question that Jesus is the son of God, then I would be concerned."

Hopefully this article helps shed some more light.

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