Monday, April 16, 2007

Is your "Community" putting the world back together? by Christine Hodge

All day Sunday I thought about the question, "Do you have the sense that you're part of a movement that's putting the world back together?" My answer is "yes." I believe--as a "member" of Community--that I am a part of something great. Something greater than me. Something so great that it can only be attributed to God.
I think it is easier to love people in a practical way, as a body of believers, when you are a part of a small church. I believe it is a lot easier to do an outreach such as the Free Car Clinic or a block party when you are part of a small church. Large churches often have large hoops to jump through before getting a ministry idea approved. Large churches have calendars and budgets and elder boards (all of which are fine and necessary). It's just that it gets complicated sometimes. Small churches don't have to worry as much about conflicting schedules or budget approvals. No problem, we'll just use our own (individual) money or ask for help from someone who has more money than we do. It's a lot less complicated and it frees us up to do what we've been called to do: love God and others.

That's what excites me about being a part of Community. I now have new ideas for loving people swirling around in my head that I almost can't wait to share them. Yes, I believe I am a part of a community that is putting the world back together, one exciting day at a time.

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