Friday, April 06, 2007

Hand Eye Coordination Fully Realized

I wonder at what age your hand-eye coordination fully matures.

Today, while waiting for the video from last night's labyrinth to render, I stumbled across a website that caused a great deal of nostalgia for me. contains 10 of the best Nintendo games ever, and allows you to fully play them from their website. You have to use "z" and "x" instead of the red "a" and "b" buttons, and they are on the wrong side, but it is pretty amazing.

I started to play some of these 17-22 year old games, and two things shocked me.
1) They brought back intense memories from my childhood. I can remember playing double dragon for hours with Freddy at his house, and watching James Hester beat Zelda. I remember playing a borrowed Super Mario Bros. 2 at my dad's house on this itty bitty TV. And I remember beating it after a weekend marathon session. Every little secret brick on the original Super Mario Brothers is magically recalled as I effortlessly play through a few levels. And I can remember riding my bike to the Hawaiian Shaved Ice store to play Super Mario Brothers 3 on the arcade, (SMB3 is my favorite game of all time).
2) I still get stuck at the same exact places that I did as a 10 year old on some of the games. I still don't make it past level 3 on Double Dragon, and I still suck at Zelda. I'd like to think that I could beat a 10 year old version of myself at basketball. I know that I can do more pull ups, run faster, understand James Joyce, and correctly pronounce my "r's". But what happens with video games? Maybe some more playing time will help me figure it out.

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