Saturday, October 15, 2005

River Haven Part II

Tomorrow we will be having our worship service with the River Haven community again. Their semi-permanent location is now across the street from McGrath state beach, right next to the Olivas Park golf course.
Exit Seaward and go towards Ventura Harbor, on Harbor Blvd. (Go 45mph, there are usually speed traps).

On Harbor you will go about a mile before passing Olivas Park Dr. (there will be a street light). Then just after going over a bridge, you will see a small driveway for McGrath state beach. Use this driveway as an opportunity to make a U-turn, so that you are heading back towards Olivas Park dr. Just before Olivas Park Dr. you will see a chain link fence on your right, and a small opening in the fence that you can drive through. There should be a small sign on it that says "River Haven" and I think that I will try to hang our "Community" sign there too.

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