Wednesday, October 26, 2005


This Sunday we are going to go through a Labyrinth

No, not David Bowie's Labyrinth, but I would like to see that movie again. I haven't seen it since I was in the third grade, and I remember hearing that it had a Mesianic message or something. Recently a student challenged that statement, so I think that I need to watch it. Hopefully it's out on DVD.
This Sunday we are going to participate in a different type of Labyrinth. We are going to participate in the virtual labyrinth online together. I thought about actually creating a labyrinth on the floor like this one,
but instead will bring objects to the table to contemplate with at different points of the labyrinth.
If you unfamiliar with the Christian history of labyrinths, google Christian Labyrinths and see what you can discover.

A Holy Walk

To walk the labyrinth is to touch God
and let God touch us.
It is a matter of presence
and response. The labyrinth
does nothing to make God more
present... for God
is always present.
The labyrinth can make us
aware of the presence of God
in our lives.
So be silent.
Receive God's gifts.
Go in peace on your journey.


Anonymous said...
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EARTH2IAN said...

sounds super cool Ryan. i'd make it up there for it but i promised another friend to go to her art show in some gallery in San Clemente. sorry and say hi to amber and sage for me...oh, aspen too.

mhkingsley said...

Hey Ryan, if you go to your blogger dashboard, click "change settings," go to sub tab "comments" and click "yes" on word verification, it'll get rid of most of this spam for you. Enjoy the Labyrinth (both worship and movie).