Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ojai Film Festival

This Sunday, we will again not be meeting at the youth sanctuary, but will instead be gathering together at the Ojai Playhouse. If you were unaware, this weekend is Ojai's Film Festival, and on Sunday from 10:00am to 12:00pm the Ojai Playhouse will be showing films made by So. Cal teens. Hosting the event will be a successful young filmaker, Taron Lexton who will be sharing his music video, United, which, "ranks as one of the largest human rights film productions in histroy. Filmed throughout 14 countries and involving over 2000 volunteers, this video was created as a project for Youth for Human Rights." Sounds like a worthwile thing to experience together, so here we go. Try to arrive a little before 10:00am so that we can sit together, and then after the event, those who are available can go to Libby to discuss.

You must provide your own ride both to the playhouse, and home, we will not be meeting at the church. If you need a ride, be sure to e-mail me so that I can set you up with one.

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mhkingsley said...

Wish we were there. Tell us how the film goes.