Monday, July 04, 2005

Justified Means?

Second missing US soldier found in Afghanistan; civilians killed
4 July 2005 (From Khaleej Times Online >> News >> SUBCONTINENT)

KABUL - A second American soldier missing in Afghanistan for the past week has been located, a provincial governor said on Monday, adding that 17 civilians died in a US air raid last week during a search for the missing troops.

After declining to comment over the weekend about reports of civilian deaths in Friday’s air strike in Kunar province, the US military said on Monday it had killed an “unknown” number of militants and civilians and regretted the loss of innocent life.

Yesterday's table talk topic focused on stories like the one above, and asked the question of whether or not any civilian deaths, especially if those deaths are expected before the attacks, are justifiable.
I'm curious as to what some of the answers were that were given. Personally, I am struggling if my answer as a struggling Christ follower, should be different from that of political and military leaders whose goals include saving the lives of the those in their armies, and not glorifying God. And if the people in those positions are also followers of Jesus Christ, is it possible for them to make decisions that include the deaths of families innocently sitting at their kitchen tables eating dinner, and still glorify God?

The focus of the parable of the weeds and the wheat is not to answer the morality of
civilian deaths in war, rather it allows us to see God's mercy and love in not desiring for any of His children to perish allong with the sons of the world, however God has still called us to be his reflectors to the world, and although I adore my freedom and security, I question means which include the deaths of children having nothing to do with military actions.

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Jeff Frazee said...

Here are a few things I know for sure because I can't come up with a good answer to your justifiable question.
1. God is in control of our leaders. They make decisions that God uses to glorify Himself. ie. hardening Pharohs heart.
2. We are told explicitly to obey and serve our leaders, even the harsh ones. Scripture also says that both we and our bosses ultimately answer to God.
3. God commanded the killing of women and children in scripture. Yes it's terrible, and I know it grieves God's heart even more than ours, but it is incorrect to call those people innocent when we are talking about God. No one is innocent before God, and it is by His grace that we haven't all suffered the same fate.