Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Because this is an "Ojai" Community blog, quick question:
Does anyone have any idea what happened at last night's firework show? We were watching from our roof, and it looked like after the finale, and the stadium lights went on, fireworks continued to be launched from Nordhoff. What happened?


jeff Frazee said...

I think it must have been your angle, because we were at Mieners Oaks school, and we heard more fireworks, but we couldn't see them. So it must have been between you and the school.

Jeff Frazee said...

This is cool. It's like my own little personal way to communicate with the Smiths.
Love you guys.

Ryan said...

I talked with Paul, who was at the school, and he said that the whole show was pretty funny and messed up. The lights didn't turn off at the right time, there were no fireworks for the first song, and the finale went off in the middle of the second to last song. It all sounds prety funny to me. I guess there was a woman the whole time shouting at the audience through a mic as well.