Sunday, November 02, 2008

My daily reads

Just in case anyone feels that their "blog reader" isn't delivering, and wants something more to read, here are some of the blogs that I subscribe to:

Awakening: Pastor Mike Devries blog, it's occasionally about his kids' soccer games, but usually is very thoughtful. He often blogs on recent Christian research.

Tony Jones: Author and ex-president of Emergent Village.

ACRYLICK: Urban clothing company with a positive message.

Another Ragamuffin
: Michaela's

Courageous COWARDism
: a friend of Shane Claibourne, who wasn't permitted to return to Iraq after he told his superiors that he didn't want to carry a gun anymore.

D+K got married: Darren and Kate's

Don Miller: Author

Finding Rythm: Very interesting blog by the Chrsitian drummer of the secular band, "Jimmy Eat World" (he's a bit on the liberal side of politics).

Gray Aria: Infrequent blog of Hailey Kingsley

Hodge Lodge Blog: Christine's

Hypermiling, Fuel Economy: Exactly what it sounds like

Improv Everywhere
: Performance Art from New York

Jesus Creed: Author Scott McKnight (at times he blogs up to 10 new posts a day)

Kahit Na Ano
: My friend Angel's blog. He usually has fun self-assignments like, taking a picture everyday that represents a song.

Kingsley Clan
: Matt Kingsley

Miss Cory Coffey: hmmm

My Nursery: Amber's

No Numbers & Co: another urban/lifestyle clothing company.

Once Upon a Time is Now
: Gina's

PhotoshopDisasters: A blogsite that makes fun of botched photoshop jobs, (warning: sometimes racy).

So Today...: Alexa's

TallSkinnyKiwi: the UK's #1 Christian blogger

The Ranch House Report: Hume Lake's blog

Urban Prankster: Performance art from cities all over the world

WebUrbanist: Really cool stuff

Wooster Collective: Street Art

Wresting:with:truth: My friend from Hume, Drew's, blogsite


Anonymous said...

wow No Numbers is on your daily reads. you're cool!

i'll be sure to update more hahahaha


do i know you somehow?

Christine H. said...

Cool. I didn't know D & K had a I can read it! Thanks!