Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You Mean Churches Are Actually Helping People?

Did you get a chance to read the article in the Star on the 9th regarding a church in Ventura County offering "sanctuary" to a illegal aliens, (sojourners)?
The article ended with fascinating and telling quote by a spokesperson for the Center for Immigartion Studies in Washington D.C.,

"I would question any church leader sanctioning this and ask him or her What is it about this view that is distinctive or morally superior to 80 percent of the American public that can and does distinguish between legal and illegal immigration?"

What further proof is needed to show that the church has been neutered by it's alliances with the state. Someone thinks that disagreeing with the majority of the American public is grounds for the church being wrong? Wow!

"What is it about this view...?" How about, "It's Biblical," (also here)?


Anonymous said...

love your neighbor. But the love of christ doesn't end at your door step or at the end of your block. "Christ's love is so far and wide and deep it is unavoidable" I forget what book that came from. I think raggimuffin gossple

Gene said...

One problem needing clear thought is that some illegal aliens are abandoning their wives and children in Mexico in exchange for the "fleshly enticements" the US has to offer. There are Mexican wives on the internet begging for their husbands to be returned.

By their fruits... Those who are Godly; trying to obtain ligitimate blessing through obedience, and not "running away" from circumstances or consequences, use the toll booth.

God will not bless what he has condemned - it matters not what heroic scene portrayed otherwise in some movie or what your college professor said.

One must remember the road to hell is paved with good intentions.