Saturday, March 05, 2011

Bellian or Piperian

In the 4th - 5th century people were defined as Pelagian or Augustinian. This month, (an possibly year) a different sort of identification has risen. John Piper tweeted, "Farewell Rob Bell" last week, creating a media, blogging, and flaming frenzy as people worked to criticize and support Bell for a book that hadn't even been released yet, Love Wins.

Both Bell and Piper are respected pastors, both Bell and Piper believe in Scripture, and both seek to serve God, their hermeneutics, (the way that they study and read the Bible) however differ.

Here's a quiz to help you figure out which side you stand on.

1. When God looks at you…
P. His Holiness sees one totally depraved, a sinner deserving nothing but damnation
B. Your Creator sees a beautiful part of God’s Good world

2. We know that God is Love because…
P. The salvation of even one sinner
B. Our Redeemer continuously, freely, and faithfully pursues us through Sin, Law, and Death

3. God’s work in the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus is Good News for…
P. A limited number of people God chose before time (and not for the reprobate majority)
B. All of God’s Creation…every person, society, and all of history.

4. The Christian Gospel is persuasive because….
P. You have to! God wills your election, gives you faith, and preserves it.
B. You get to! The story in scripture, the work of God in the world, and life in the way of Jesus is eternally good, true, and beautiful.


Hopefully by understanding which side you resonate with more, you will be more understanding and patient with those on the other side .


buley said...

Pelagius was a hieratic and his teaching fall outside the pale of orthodoxy. The only discussions within Christianity should be semi-pelagian vs monergism (read Bondage of the Will by Martin Luther) or Arminianism vs Calvinism ( read norman geisler chosen but free and then The Potter's Freedom by James White).
Read Romans 9 while trying to see it outside of your own tradition is a good place to start, we all come with presuppositions.

TimB said...

Here is a short show segment from Fighting For The Faith on Pirate Christian Radio called
"Did God Send Rob Bell to Correct the False Teaching of Jesus RE: the Afterlife?"

TimB said...

Or even better here is one of the best sermons I've heard in awhile. Preached by Dr. Rosenbladt (of The White Horse Inn radio show) last month on this subject

TimB said...

Here is Rob Bell getting drilled on MSNBC ( I've never heard a host on Fox as able to converse a Christian message.)

Darlene said...

To not make a decision is to make a decision. Paul did not admonish the Galatians of nothing. Tim, there are some of us trying to start a URC in the area. If you're interested, Please friend me on fb. Darlene Lemmo

TimB said...

Here is another good clip of Martin Bashir on Rob Bell,