Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jesus and Economics

While listening to Donald Miller's book, Searching for God Knows What, I came across the story of "Supply Side Jesus." When I got home I googled it, and found this video: (click here for the comic version)

Shouldn't you feed the Lepers, Supply Side Jesus?

No Thomas. That would just make them Lazy.

Then shouldn't you at least heal them, Supply Side Jesus?

No, James. Leprosy is a matter of personal responsibility. If people knew I was healing lepers there would be no incentive to avoid leprosy.

Obviously there are political overtones here, but I still like the point, Jesus wouldn't be near as popular today as we would hope.

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Kari said...

Yet, thankfully He didn't come to win a popularity contest, He came to save that which was lost. He came to extend mercy and grace to those who through no merit of their own deserved His thought, let alone His life. He came to take the penalty for my sin which is death and give to me, through not merit of my own, life -
What more can I say - I'm eternally grateful, Kari