Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Kevin's Spoken Word

Since Mike DeVries spoke at Hume, I haven't really been excited about any of our speakers, but this summer I was deeply impacted by one of the speakers, not the hired speaker, but by one of the staff.

As worship ended, the lights on the stage went dark, and a spotlight came on a single person who performed a poem that he wrote a year earlier. It was one of the coolest things I have seen at Hume. I would be so up for going to Hume for a week of camp where the evening messages were three minute spoken word performances, or that made use of other mediums besides 45+ minute didactic monologues.

While at camp I told Kevin and Rich how much I appreciated him sharing his poem(s) with us, and in October I received a DVD in the mail with both of Kevin's "performances" on it.

Now through the blogosphere I've been able to keep in contact with Kevin, and recently got his approval to post them on YouTube.


mandrews said...

Wow! I really liked the first one! I wish I was at Hume when this happened... Super cool!

Alexa said...

Hey I found Kevin's blog on "tumblr" if you haven't already.