Friday, August 01, 2008

The Shack

This book with an endorsement from Michael W. Smith, a $300 initial marketing budget, and a seat on New York Time's best seller list has been making quite a stir.

I saw it on a pastor friend's book shelf and hoped that he had read it so that I could get perspective on it without having to actually read it, (I've decided that I like knowledge much more than I like reading).

I have already heard one review of the book by the Angry Pastor, Mark Driscoll, and well, his review was that of an angry pastor.

I came across this review in Christianity Today that I would recommend to anyone who was curious about reading the Shack.
The author of the article possesses the grace and humility that I wish came more naturally to me.


frisky said...

I like the articles point of view better. You need to read the book in good faith. Here's a quote that I liked....

"A 'good faith' reading of The Shack involves, among other things, attending to Young's reasons for writing, his intended audience, and its particular literary form."

You need to read it with your eyes open.

mhkingsley said...

Hey Ryan, in Sopron with Michaela and gearing up for Conference. Thinking of you guys and getting to jet off to NY. Hope traveling with the kids goes well.

Oh, and before I forget, thanks for helping out with the shirts. They are awesome blossom. Michaela's bag made it here tonight so that's great news as well.

As for The Shack - if you're lazy, like me, just meander over to iTunes and download it for $6 as an mp3. Something to listen to on the flight.

hestermom said...

So Ryan, did you read it? That was an interesting post, which I enjoyed as I have not heard of the book or the controversy it has sparked. Thanks for the info.!

St. Brianstine said...

The best review of The Shack is here: