Sunday, July 20, 2008

Good dads sometimes make bad decisions.

Taking your 4 year old daughter wakeboarding is a good idea. I can think of no better board sport, to take a young child along for the ride:
Surfing? Maybe, but the ride only lasts for seconds.
Snowboarding? There's a chance it will work, but there is a really good chance that you will fall, or be hit by an out of control skier/snowboarder, or hit a tree.
Skateboarding? Yeah...this would work, if I didn't suck at skateboarding. For reals, I'm really really bad at it.

It was amazing getting to ride with Sage, carving up and down the wake, gaining speed outside the wake while cutting away from the boat. And then it happens, while cutting back and forth the thought emerges, "This is going really well, she is staying on without a problem. If Sage likes this she will really like jumping! After all she really loves jumping the car at Ojai's 'dip'."

In the air it became apparent that this was a bad idea. As Sage slipped right off the wakeboard there was only one place for her to land, (I hadn't thought this out very well at all). Her ear hit the top of the wakeboard just as I caught her and pulled her back up. We had the boat pull us one more time that morning, but I kind of ruined a nice morning.

Fortunately it was only Monday, and we had four more days to build positive wakeboarding memories together...sans jumping.
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Christine H. said...

That's so funny that I read Amber's blog first (before yours) and commented on how brave everyone was. Ha Ha!! You'll have to read it.

frisky said...

Hey Dad! We like our heads closed!!!
You really need to read your own blogs... duh!!