Friday, February 15, 2008

Sins of our Fathers

Are we guilty for the sins of our fathers?

How many sins can you think of that were committed against God in the founding of America? What evils took place so that we could live in our homes with our white picket fences with two and half kids? What crimes occurred against men and women created in God’s image so that we could sing songs like “God bless America,” and “My Country Tis of Thee”?

Are we guilty of any of those sins today?

A couple of years ago at a conference, I met UK author Kester Brewin, who recently blogged about the movie, There Was No Blood. He wrote:
As an outsider it seems the US is, more than elsewhere, a country in search of blood. Family blood - desperately trying to cling on to Scottish, Irish, African, Spanish heritage - and God's blood - desperately trying to divine Christ's blood to purify all the soiled ground beneath everyone's feet. And, in the final instance, as in the film, there is blood. There always will be. In the madness of the consuming search for God's blood and our family's blood, we strike out and wound the other. If we get blood-fever, like Gold or Oil Fever, then blood we will find. Violent, painful and destructive. The same blood lust that wounded Christ.

As an insider, what are your thoughts?


ATSmith said...

I am glad I am forgiven.

mandrews said...

I going to have to echo Amber on this one. It's almost too much to take on the burden of all of our "For-father's" (?) mistakes. Are we beyond blessed in America? Yes! Do we deserve any of it? Absolutely not! Was there a lot of sin in the making of America? Yeah, I think so. But I am so glad that I have been forgiven for that...

frisky said...

Why does it necessarily have to be against "America"? Isn't that just how sin is in the world, since Adam and Eve? I think that it's not always really about blood, but protecting. Damn straight, I'm gonna protect my family if they are threatened to the point of death. If that's sin, then I'm sorry, I'll add that to my list of sins that I need to work on.
I don't get it, am I supposed to be ashamed to be an American if I am a Christian and want to be like Christ? Obviously, I'm most thankful that I am a Christian, but I'm also thankful that I live here in America. "Christians" did a lot of horrific things in the past, and probably still do, but that doesn't make me want to not be a Christian. I don't get it.