Monday, October 29, 2007

Like any nine year old?

I read a news story this morning about Apple responding harshly to a 3rd grader, and was struck by the introduction:

(CBS 13)
Like any nine-year-old, Shea O'Gorman spends a lot of time listening to her iPod Nano. So much so, that when her third grade class started learning about writing letters she thought, who better to write to than the man whose company makes her iPod....

"Like any nine-year-old?" Really, most 3rd graders have iPods? I remember getting my first $69 Sony Walkman in seventh grade, (my first personal cassette player my mom got me, it said "Warners" on it, and she got it for free when she bought three bras at Macy's).

I can't imagine most people slapping down close to $200 on an ipod for their nine year olds...what are they going to be listening to on it anyways? But, we'll see what's around in 5 years for me to spoil my girls with.


Anonymous said...

And they have cell phones now too! I think I was in 6th grade by the time I got Walkman!
Although sometimes I feel like handing Abby my IPOD when she wants to hear Wheels on the Bus for the 10th time in a row!

By the way that article is sad. I remember doing that same project in elementary school when we had to write a formal letter to a company. I remember how everyone brought their letters in to school as they received their responses. None of them were anything like the Apple response. I do remember clearly that one child got a whole box of candy from a candy company and we were all thinking we should have written to them also!

mandrews said...

HAHA!! So funny! I think I bought my CD Player when I was in 8th grade. It's crazy how much things have changed! I know all of the kids at school have ipods (well all of the boarders anyway... as young as 2nd grade...)

Christine H. said...

Okay, so I don't have an ipod or a cell phone, and I just turned 38! How about that!

I got my first record player as a teen-ager! I never even had a discman. By the time I wanted one (a few years ago) they were obsolete! : )

The bra part of your story is classic! I am still laughing!

I'm with you on the opinion that kids are getting too much these days. Whatever happened to get to chew gum when you're XX...You get to get your ears pierces when you're XX...You get to wear makeup when you're XX. Let's bring them back. We're going to!

Anonymous said...

Christine, I like the milestones. I love little girls with their ears pierced but I had to wait till I was 5 or 6 and it was such a big deal and such a vivid memory that I decided the girls will have the same experience. We haven't done gum yet either so that is a good one.