Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering Rightly

I began by responding to Amber's blog tonight, and then decided that I probably should just go ahead and post.

I was recently reading a book that was all about remembering rightly. I hope that we learn to remember 9/11/01 rightly.

In remembering this event, I want to remember and hear about the lives and families of the victims of the attacks, and not see images of the terrorists' victories of the destruction of the twin towers. In remembering rightly, I would like to be able to see how our country has risen amidst this attack to become a better place to live, or at least be encouraged to personally reexamine my life in response to Al Qaeda's attacks, and to live a life more like Christ. In remembering rightly I would like to somehow begin to wrap my head around the numbers of the lives devastated by this attack:
2,819 - People killed in the 9/11 attacks.
3774 - American Military Casualties in Iraq since 3/19/03
71,720 – 78,296 - Documented Iraqi civilian deaths from violence since 3/19/03
45 - Iraqi civilian deaths yesterday, as a result of violence
2 - Iraqi women killed yesterday as a result of a US raid.
126,000 number of abortions a DAY worldwide.

I don't want these to just be numbers, I want to see these numbers as individuals created in the image of God. I want to be able to see these numbers as people with sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, moms and dads, pastors and teachers. I want to learn how to love those suffering.
How do the emotions that I feel for the death of God's created beings in the Middle East compare with the emotions that I feel for the death of God's created beings in the US?


mandrews said...

Wow! those numbers are pretty heart wrenching! The last few days I have been thinking about how I feel about the whole 9/11 thing and it breaks my heart that so many lives were lost, but it hurts even more to know the number of innocent lives that have been sacrificed since then... I don't really know what to think, but I know I really don't like it.

Christine H. said...

WOW! I did not know that there were that many abortions daily in the world. It rocks my world--and I'm not just using that cliche. I am glad to go my small part in the walk for compassion, but wow, I wish I could end it all and make abortions a thing of the past. Life is so precious!