Saturday, October 21, 2006

New Blogsite

It's funny, I made this blog site as an appendage to our gatherings on Sunday mornings, but most of our traffic (we've had over 2000 hits) comes from outside of Ojai. I know that Michaela checks it regularly, as does Amber, but aside from the two of them, our regular comments either come from Ireland (hmmm I wonder who that could be), or from friends of mine from our congregation in Cerritos (Hi Angel).
Regardless, it is fun for me to do, and it is nice to be able to go back and see what all we've talked about over the past year and a half.
Today, we do have a new blogger amongst our community. Amber decided that she would like to start her own blog site so visit her here.
If anyone else from our Community wants to start a blog, (Michaela?) let me know so we can promote it.


Michaela said...

You know Ryan, I have always thought about starting a blogsite, but i really don't know how. If you wanted to help me out that would be kinda cool. Let me know.

ATSmith said...

Our discussion about Christian Feminist got me really thinking. What is the definition of a feminist? It seems like both tables (yes and no) started from a different definition, therefore coming up with different answers. I liked the idea of standing up for woman's rights ... I'll have to try to do some research on this one all my spare time.