Sunday, May 14, 2006

Live in Harmony

In the church people ought to find trust, commitment, the development of self-identity, and growth in one’s understanding of what it means to be a Christian in relationship with others.

How can we bless those who do us evil?
Why should we bless those who do us evil?

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Celestino. said...

HOW can we bless those who do us evil? - By not retaliating likewise, but showing kindess instead.
WHY? - Because that's what Jesus would want us to do. _ Unfortunately, human emotions often take precedence / priority over what Jesus told us...and therefore, we react in just the opposite manner. _ The truth is...even if we're destitute and homeless, no one will care if we live or die.

Anonymous said...

Exactly!(above) It's doing what you don't want to do -- what goes totally against our first reaction -- to be humble and love those around us, not harbor anger or resentment.