Saturday, April 15, 2006

Good Friday Labyrinth

If you went to this year's Good Friday labyrinth service, we want to hear from you. Share your experiences here by clicking on the "comment" link below.

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Share how you were impacted by the various stations, and by the experience as a whole. We're not looking for critiques, (to do so would miss the point of the exercises), but want to know how you met with God, and how He touched your hearts.

-Ryan and Paul


Anonymous said...

freakin awesome

Anonymous said...

Surpassed last years! Going through the gate set the stage and reading the walls set the tone. I took my son and daughter-in law who were visiting from out of town and they were significantly impacted in a beautiful way. My teenager was wowed! The journey was incredible and we as a family and as individuals drew closer to God. Thank you for the experience and all the hard work and effort in planning and setting up.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic - we are such visual learners and so stimulated by being submersed in a scene - God's work dripped from the place... Brought me to my knees, where I belong, in gut wrenching, authentic worship and reflection. Not enough tissues.

Anonymous said...

I can't put into words just how great this was. I have never seen or been to anything that made me feel so close to God. This was put together so well and my first visit. I will never miss another one. It was an amazing expierence that no one should miss. I don't know how you could make it any better.

Anonymous said...

This years' expeience was incredible. It felt like I was there, like a 'time travel'. My teens and their friends were also in awe and wonder. The visuals and the 'hands on' experiences like doing the art or clay, allowed me to see into the heart of a teen who loves God and another that's just learning. Thank you for all the hard work it took to both set up and break down. Much thought and prayer must have been placed on giving the experience a personal touch, yet with others present; down to the lighting, music and the visual effects, should be commended for their efforts. Treasure in Heaven. "Well done, good and faithful servants".