Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Everywhere you look you see the ubiquitous little white box attached to someone's head via little tiny white strings, (I am no exception). In response to the popularity and pervasiveness of this small device, I've developed a fear that one day I will show up ready to discuss revelation from God, only to see a sea of people with their ears plugged with small white circles. Maybe this sea will only be desiring music to accompany my teaching, (I've always thought that I sounded more profound with music playing over/under my voice), and will have the volume turned to recommended levels that allow the user to hear conversation, and thus instruction.

I always thought that it was an empty fear, and that I would never see it come to pass...In Community on Sunday though, it I was leading our gathering in an exploration of God as judge, I noticed two small boys' heads were connected by the feared thin white cord. At least they were awake.


D. Gonzalez said...

Awesome Blog site! I love the discussions of personal tech in any forum, and in this modern info age, it is so relevant. I hope for everyone's sake that the option of "Any piece of media, anywhere, on any device, at any time" will lead to an overload of sorts. When there are infinite choices to absorb, the individual will have to turn back, or re-trench, to a simple human communication level in order to know: What is good? What is truth? What choices should I make in this sea of opportunity? We may find that the ultimate entertainment and best "virtual reality" experience is REALITY - One on one communication with genuine feelings and relationships. God's design for the World is all about that connection: Humans having direct, restored, relationship with a personal God, and having the same interaction with each other. I sure hope the circle completes itself...

EARTH2IAN said... bout you set up a podcast then they'll hear you in stereo!