Tuesday, February 14, 2006

If You Give an Apostle Salvation

If you give Peter salvation,
he will bless the Father for the new birth he grants His people,

this new birth will remind the apostle of the majestic hope of final salvation;
which will make him want to tell those suffering for Jesus, that even though they are suffering, they can rejoice about the final day when Jesus Christ will return, and bring the fullness of salvation,

The fullness of salvation will remind the apostle of all of the ancient prophets of Israel that were waiting for salvation,
but did not live to see it fulfilled.

Thinking about how amazing this fulfillment is, will make Peter think of the angles who are so excited and curious about the final fulfillment, that they eagerly watch and wait.

1. What does “Salvation” make you think of?
(What thoughts does the idea of Salvation trigger in your mind?)

2. What about “Salvation” is offensive to the “World”?

3. “Our Lack of Suffering is, in part, due to a lack of nerve on the part of the church to challenge our world with the message of the cross and to live according to the teachings of Jesus with uncompromising rigor”

-Scot McKnight

Do you agree?

Does the “offensive salvation” necessitate suffering?

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