Sunday, June 26, 2005

Seeds within Fruit

I was thinking today about how fruit produces fruit. Not to over analyze the parable of the sower, but I do find it interesting that after Christ throws the seed into a field, the seeds that find good soil, grows deep roots and produces healthy fruit, will in turn produce seeds which should multiply a crop.

Food for thought (no pun intended)


Anonymous said...

I have thought about the question,"What is the seed." I am wondering if there is only ONE seed or, like the body, are there different seeds that we each sow. Does one of us sow the seed of joy,peace,patience or kindness, while another may sow the seed of goodness or faithfulness? They all point to Jesus and are all part of the "oneness" but are they all packaged in one seed?

Ryan said...

Maybe the whole, "though we are many, we are one body thing," has us as Jesus' followers collectively planting, and using our different gifts to plant together. But imo, joy, peace, patience, etc. are the produce. As those are the fruits of the Spirit and are evidence of good soil. It seems very possible though, that one person is able to mirror Christ's grace, with someone else explaining the truths of salvation, and together a seed is planted.